Thursday, February 21, 2013

Upcycled Newspaper

A bit of time and effort, and you can transform the common newspaper into these lovely blooms! I used a craft punch / die cutter to cut 4 sheets of newspaper at a time, and used 8-10 layers per flower. Insert a craft brad through the center to hold layers together. Then take the top layer, and gathering it up, pinch together with your fingers. Gather the next layer up around the first layer, and pinch tight. Repeat with all the layers till it looks like a flower. You'll get the feel of it soon enough. I took my flowers outside, and layed them on a sheet of plastic and spray painted them. Let flowers air out a bit as the paint fumes are very strong. Now you can use these blooms however you'd like...put a hair clip on the back, or a pin closure, or whatever you can imagine to do!

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