Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stained, But Salvaged

Today I found these quilt blocks folded in with some other quilt tops.
They are very worn, stained, and fragile. Some of the corners are gone.
I don't know the story behind these...don't remember how I came to possess them.
But it appears that the fabric was already worn and stained before the blocks were pieced.
Maybe from worn-out clothing?  Several strips were made up of smaller bits of fabric.
I wasn't sure about piecing the blocks together in seams, as the fabric was so weak.
Yet, I didn't want to toss them out after somebody had gone to all that work,
even to planning and putting the crimson in the center of each block.
So I zig-zagged them onto a lining, and am considering using it as a wall-hanging.
I'm pleased with the result...glad I salvaged it, though my work was so very basic.
It serves to remind me that somebody took the little they had,
had a vision to make it useful and attractive, and worked very diligently toward that goal.
And now these many years later, I have cherished their work which brightened my day.

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