Saturday, April 20, 2013

Re-Purposed Drawer

Paint the drawer 
inside & out 
with semi-gloss paint.
Allow to dry & cure 
at least a couple days. 

Decide what you want to 
decorate your drawer with. 
I used a calendar page, 
some wallpaper border, 
a paper flower, some trim, 
and finally a bird's nest. 

Brush on Mod Podge 
wherever you plan to apply 
your accents and such. 
Then arrange as you want, 
smooth out air bubbles, 
and add more Mod Podge 
to protect paper surfaces. 
You may need to apply 
another coat or two 
after each layer dries. 

Use your imagination
and have fun! 


Rachel Olah said...

Boneta, I'm enjoying your blog so much -- everything is just beautiful! Thanks for the recipes, games & wonderful things to look at. Love you!

Netajane said...

Oh Rachel! I'm so thrilled to hear from you and glad you're enjoying my blog :-) Hugs to everyone please!