Tuesday, March 18, 2014

O Mockingbird

During my childhood, we had a burgandy-colored bush full of long thorns, and it always held a Mockingbird nest. My brothers and I used to find fluffy juveniles every summer, and often held one for a few moments, till we tired of the parent swooping down at our heads :-) 

This past winter, we had two or three Mockingbirds in our yard at all times, and they warded off any other birds, till just the past few weeks they began sharing the territory.

The Mockingbird will sing for long periods of time, as if just showing off. My husband and I love to listen to them. They have been known to sing over 200 tunes! I guess they're a favorite with other folks as well, since it has been chosen as the state bird of Florida, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas.


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