Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weed Wonder

Amazed again at the wondrous handiwork of the Creator! 
Who finds beauty in an annoying dandelion blossom? 

Did I say "annoying"? Well, in the fact that the wind carries the seeds and before you know it your whole yard can be covered in these deep-rooted weeds that are nearly impossible to irradicate!

Nevertheless, there is beauty there. It's just that maybe I don't want dandelion beauty! Maybe I want a lush green expanse of perfectly manicured lawn. Maybe I want to be in control of what grows where! Wikipedia defines a weed as "a plant considered undesirable".  I label which plants are "weeds" in my territory.

I'm reminded of life's inconveniences, mishaps, and messes. 
So many times my plans are disrupted and turned upside down. And it seems the past few months have thrown things at me on every side. Unexpected trials. Things I don't know how to deal with. Hurts. Humiliations. Hindrances. Hardships. One right after another, like a bed of dandelions springing up. 

But am I saying that my life is out of control? That these things abound to cause me harm? That there is no rhyme or reason to it all? Not so! For even in these things that seemingly have pelted me from so many angles...God is still in charge. He still loves me. He would not allow this into my life for no purpose. He will use these things to shape me, to conform me to the image of His Son. He will hold me, and guide me, one step at a time. He will give me strength, new every morning, enough for that day. And when I stumble, He will lift me up, and carry me if need be. What a faithful God!

Even in trials, He has a beautiful plan. Far better than my plans.

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