Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Walnut Sphinx

So I was washing dishes, when I spied a Robin wrestling with a "meal" that looked like a...lil' snake!?  I didn't know Robins were equipped to do that, so I rushed out to verify, and was a snake! About 9" long. Probably a "good" snake, but I'm not really fond of any kind of reptile. However, this one did manage to get away, thanks to my inquisitive nature...LOL

So later that afternoon as I was out pulling weeds... putting my hand through the tall green, resting my fingers on the cool soil, and trying to pull those unwanteds by their roots... of course the thought of a slithery critter entered my mind. Over and over it did :-) 

Thankfully, my imaginations were not realized, but I did find this nice little moth! I fetched my camera and came back out to find it right where it had rested when I upset its hiding spot. After the photo session, I put it back where it came from, but it rushed back to me immediately. Not once or twice, but about five times! Upon internet research, I believe the friendly creature is a Walnut Sphinx Moth. Another of God's created wonders!

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