Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sprouting Seeds

Little bitty packages of hope...seeds!

Placed on a paper towel or napkin,
dampened with water,
placed in a zip-lock bag to sprout!

I numbered my zip-locks and
seed packages accordingly
to help me remember what is what.

Then, you'll need some peat pellets that you've already watered and allowed to swell a bit. 

I learned this process here.  

Then I gingerly opened the napkin,
picked up tiny sprouts w/ tweezers,
and placed in the dirt. 

When they get big enough,
I will plant outside in my flower beds. 

Saves a bit of money,
and I'm expecting it to be
a rewarding endeavor. 


Nancy Humphreys said...

Very nice idea. I should try this! Nancy :)

Netajane said...

You would probably enjoy it! I know alot of seeds don't come up for me if I just direct sow into the ground. But this is working! I've already planted these little sprouts out into my just trying to keep an eye on them till they're big enough to identify :-)