Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Faithful And True

 I just love how my Lord
brings to mind a song 
that is just so perfectly 
relevant and encouraging
for whatever I'm facing
at the moment.

Many times I awake
with a song on my heart
that I've not thought of 
in many months, and 
sometimes not in years! 
That just has to be my Lord
hugging me close and 
giving me strength
for that day!

It is seriously such a blessing
when a verse or song comes
to mind and I know it wasn't 
of my own working. I mean, 
how can I not rejoice in that?!

And this is the song He gave
me today when I realized an
answered prayer...actually
a bit of a mountain made into
just a lil' ole molehill! 
How often He does that!

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