Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Few Fowl

So it's been almost three weeks
since we went way out in the country
and bought these 7 hens & 2 guineas
and brought them to our backyard.

They are so pretty, peaceful, and real
easy to care for... feed and water them every day, and be sure they're closed 
in each night so the critters (mainly 
possums) won't get to them.

My husband found the idea to build 
this coop of PVC on YouTube, and 
it is light weight enough to move to
fresh grass whenever we decide to.

Our only disappointment in these 
feathered friends is that they haven't 
laid any eggs yet... not one. None!
And we're baffled as to the reason.

They do go under the shed during 
the heat of the day, but if they're 
laying eggs under there we will 
never be able to access them. 

We're still waiting and hoping...

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