Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Amaryllis Anticipation

I ordered the bulb, and put it in this glass pot, and added water. 
Nothing difficult. Now, just watching and waiting for it to bloom! 
I think it should take about 6 weeks to be rewarded with a deep red bouquet.

Update: I must admit, this was not successful :-(  I planted this bulb too deep and it rotted. 
I planted one for a neighbor which bloomed quite perfectly because it was not planted as deep. 
The bulb just needs the roots in the water...lesson learned. So next year I will try again. 

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Netajane said...

Update: I must have planted mine too deep and the bulb got soft and stinky because it was starting to rot. It did bloom, but not as it should have. I planted one for my neighbor, and hers was absolutely stunning! It had two sturdy stalks with four giant blooms each...and because it bloomed consecutively, she got to enjoy those blooms almost 3 weeks! Now I know to be careful and not let the bulb get soaked :-)