Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Meow Moses

A few days ago we had a good rain in the early morning hours. Just as the rain started I heard urgent meowing below our bedroom window. When it continued for quite a while, I put on shoes and a jacket and braved the downpour to investigate. Shining my light among the shiny undergrowth below a large rhododendron bush, I spied 3 tiny kittens in a puddle, and around the corner of the house there crouched the mother cat with two more little ones. When she realized she'd been spotted, she ran. So I gathered the kittens and put them in a tub with a dry towel on the front porch, just so they'd be out of the rain. By daylight, two of them were gone. I assumed the mother cat had come and taken them to a safe place. Later in the morning two more of them disappeared. But the final one stayed all day with no rescue, and at midnight I brought it inside because it was cool and damp out there, and it was all alone. So now we're feeding it every few hours, and it is very active and loud at that time. But once its belly is filled again, it will sleep till hunger strikes once more. And the eyes are still closed. So tiny and helpless, and missing mommy. We've set it outside a few times during the day for hours at a time, in the same spot as the others were. And I've seen the mother cat a few times getting a drink out of the bird bath. I suspect she took the other little ones underneath our house, but don't know why she's not claiming this one. 

Our grandson calls him "Meow" and I'm thinking "Moses" is a good name...because after all, I did draw him out of the water :-)  (Exodus 2:10)

My husband is getting quite adept at nursing my furry find... I think he likes the challenge. 

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