Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fur & Feathers

This is the rest of Meow Moses' family. I happened upon them in the chicken pen! 
That's the mother on the left; she's wild so all her kittens are afraid of people too.
They were pretty content to play around the chickens...showed no fear of them, 
and they let me take pics as long as I kept my distance. They romped around,
keeping a wary eye in case I got too close. Mom dozed, but with ears perked up.

 She's caring for four kittens, and she's all over the neighborhood hunting food for them.
That's one busy cat! She kills birds and lizards. Today she attempted to catch a squirrel
but didn't succeed there. She gets water out of our bird bath and the chicken trough. 
We have left food for her, but she won't eat it. 

 The chickens are unconcerned with the furry family which moves in and out of their pen.

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