Friday, September 9, 2016

Going, Going, Gone!

I am a people-watcher... always have been. 
When I was maybe six or seven, I can remember my Dad getting so frustrated if we went to a restaurant. 
Why? Because I was so busy watching everyone, I could hardly concentrate on eating my food. 

So this photo intrigues me. I know the man is posed behind a prop. And I know the background is 
just a painting. But what does it represent? And who was he? And what were his interests?

Anyway, this was a tintype photograph that I listed in my Etsy shop, and within an hour it sold! 
I'm working on putting new things in my shop almost daily. Some vintage, some handmade...
and I'm bursting with ideas of more I want to do. So please check it out! :-) 

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