Friday, December 30, 2016

Answers To Yesterday's Clues

#1     Open Sleigh   
(I hid the next clue in a small sleigh decor that was already on my shelf.)

#2     Mailbox   
(It was clipped w/ a clothespin to the inside of the mailbox.)

#3     Pecan Picker Upper    
(It's a metal tool we gather pecans with.)

#4     Patchwork Quilt    
(This is a colorful quilt made of rectangles of bright fabric prints.)

#5     Wind Chimes   
(I rolled the clue up and stuck it just inside a metal tube chime.)

#6     Fish Tank  
(The fish are immigrants from the ocean originally. The clue was taped to the lower side of the tank.)

#7     Rocking Chair   
(This was a child's rocking chair below the Christmas tree which had a star at the top.)

#8     Lemon Tree   
(I put this clue in a small zip-lock bag in case of rain, and taped it to a branch of the lemon tree.)

#9     World Atlas  
(It was slipped just below the atlas which was on a book shelf.)

#10   Gingerbread Man   
(This was an ornament on the Christmas tree.)

#11    Air Conditioner   
(I taped the clue to the outside top of the air conditioner.)

#12    Holly Tree   
(There was a bag of socks and little things under the large Holly Tree.)

It was dark outside and misting rain. Everyone had flashlights and it was crazy fun.

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