Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Treasure Hunt

If you want to see grown children act like little children...well, do a treasure hunt :-) 

Every year, I try to make clues to lead everyone on a crazy chase around the house, 
inside and out, and ultimately to the hidden treasure. This year the "treasure" was a 
variety of socks, and some little things like flashlights, chapstick, hand sanitizers...

When we have a treasure hunt, I like to promote teamwork. And I write the clues 
so that they can be sung to a popular Christmas tune. This year the tune 
was "O Christmas Tree" but starting at the chorus. 

Everyone gets so excited, and there's always LOTS of laughter and silliness. 
This year was no exception, and I wish I'd had every moment and every word 
and move recorded...but we didn't get that. Nevertheless, it was a 
"treasure" of time together. One of the highlights of the season! 

Tomorrow I will give the answers to the clues. 
I wonder if any one of you can guess? 

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