Friday, May 5, 2017

Tall, Fast-Growing Sunflowers!

These plants have
amazed me on a
daily basis :-)

First of all, they must
have grown from seed
I planted last Spring
unless they're from the 
seed that dropped
from last year's plants.

And then they grew 
so could
see them changing 
day by day! 

My husband measured
one a week ago, 
and at that time it was
already over 10 feet tall! 

Today I noticed that
one plant has a lighter
colored bloom, so I'm 
curious if the others
may be yet another color!

And a bonus is that 
the bees love it too!

This is the lighter colored sunflower...the first one to bloom on it's stalk. 
Notice in the above photo that those blooms come from one stalk, 
and there are several more stalks waiting to bloom.

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